Guide to Level of Ability - SKI

  • Level 1 BEGINNER – NEVER EVER skied before
  • Level 2 SNOWPLOUGH GLIDE – Holding a snowplough and being able to snowplough stop/brake, may be starting to turn a little. Also may have used a beginners lift.
  • Level 3 SNOWPLOUGH TURN – Making strong snowplough turns in both directions and can use beginners lifts confidently. Can ski green runs and easy blue runs
  • Level 4 – BASIC SWING – Strong snowplough turns with the skis becoming parallel towards the end of the turn. Can ski blue runs with confidence and can use most types of lift on the mountain
  • Level 5 - BASIC PARALLEL – Skis remaining parallel through most of the turn on blue and easy red run. Wanting to improve technique on steeper slopes and in different snow conditions.
  • Level 6 – GOOD PARALLEL – Skiing with skis parallel all the time on all main runs. Working on carving skills and skiing off piste.

Guide to Level of Ability - SNOWBOARD

  • Level 1 BEGINNER – NEVER EVER been on a snowboard before
  • Level 2 SIDESLIP TRAVERSE – Can control speed and direction on one or both edges but not yet turn from edge to edge. Can use a chairlift.
  • Level 3 TURNING – Can turn to one side most of the time and to both sides on easy terrain. Can use a chairlift and easy drag lifts.
  • Level 4 – LINKED TURNS – Can link turns together on blue and easy red runs. Confident on drag lifts, T Bars and chairlifts.
  • Level 5 – RYTHMIC LINKED TURNS – Can link turns on red runs and can ride in variable snow conditions and terrain.
  • Level 6 – ALL SNOW, ALL TERRAIN – Learning to carve the board and are comfortable at higher speeds on all types of snow and terrain.
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Instructor Positions

If you are interested in applying for ski or snowboard instructor positions with our Skischool at Glenshee , then please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details of your full qualifications and experience.

Thank you.